Dramaturgic Moonlight Butterfly’ Modus Vivendi

The secret of heaven is kept from age to age.
No imprudent, no sociable angel ever dropt an early syllable to answer the longings of saints, the fears of mortals.

We should have listened on our knees to any favorite, who, by stricter obedience, had brought his thoughts into parallelism with the celestial currents, and could hint to human ears the scenery and circumstance of the newly parted soul.

 Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Parallax Parallelism Babelism”

Instanter On or After
Knightess’ of Abyss

Breathtaking verisimilitude velleity
bemoan’ neverending declaration saturine.

Contrive traversely
histrionic perdition denoting venerable verity.

Exemplification catechize pensile agnostic
interpolated incantation.

Attestation convalesce massed
enduring incarnate circumferential umambient.

Eloquent perdition trespass writhe
conviction presage solemnize de novo.

Ostracism indue
ever and anon evermore
gelastic selfsame.

Not-er qcquiesce subsist
unorthodox juxtaposing.
No one of two
tarriance uniqueness verses (vs).


Written by Margaret Martin

copyright protected


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