I AM `in your reality

Ive been here before

where is this place.

Over the hills

and far away

Her soul drifted to a dreamy state

light and translucent

Floating as a feather

coming to rest quietly.

Chills from echoes of long ago –

throughout and everywhere

crept upon and upon

till that’s all there was; was chills

fully engulfed.

It was almost unbearable

the seeking of more and more

Awaken my eye – Bloom

Noseda was this place.

Letting out a moan – drifting once more

Nothing else mattered

the further she went

It was to be

there was no discription

no words – just intense feelings

Rising higher and higher

Never to go back there ‘was no map

all the sights seen

colors – vivid colors

indescribable vivid colors

Intense ‘holding intense energy

Anointing fibers

A blanket ‘blanketed her

A joyousness occasion

The Festal Dance

in the Healing Circle

it was all just so

magically mysterious – no direction

th (18)

Xoxo MM

Written by Margaret Martin

copyright protected

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