Bedroom Eyes

th (31)

Oblivion to only whats in sight
Fixated ` burning with feeling
In the glaze of the night
A virile intoxicating stealing

Intensely inspecting his purpose
Control’ing and delighting in her weakness
Deliberately mounting a caressing touch
Physical sensations divided in uniqueness

Visions of wanting the taste, and smell of her
Scorches him as the ocean does the sand
The audio of his laugh urges the unseen lover
Lachroymat’ing in tears ` ache she must withstand

Their eyes both attain dieviance’ as their breath fevors to warm their body`s ~
`when drinking from the same poison’ous fountain of extreme desire and pleasure.
A permanent good night my love. Sealed with a kiss, in our secret corner and all thats naught`y’
`because of only yours’ truely the sweetest love I will forever know and forever treasure.



Xoxo MM

Written by Margaret Martin  copyright protected


Good Bye My Love. You can quit trying now `you killed me.

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