Our Lighthousse


th (56)


Your radiance was my beacon’
my eternal flame
I was so desperately always seeking’

I followed your light
in the darkest of night

I couldn’t see
the most violent of storms
only a slight shinning glimmer of desire
in our  lighthouse shown
leading me to a promise of warmth

I kept my eyes steady
unblinking on the lighthouse
The storms violently battering against me
but I struggled on

The cyclone kept pushing
me farther back away

I continued on with a prayer
never wavering
I was almost there
wearing though

But the sun of the day never came
I didn’t make it to our lighthouse.
even though
steadfast,  faithful was my aim

The light in the house burnt out
Seeing the lighthouse again, never
here in this violent storm all alone
All alone..
in this dark violent storm forever

Xoxo MM

Written by Margaret Martin

copyright protected

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