Cheval Glass

A Particular Ingenue Ambrosial Delimitation Delineation  

Bulwark Historic Proverb- Harborage  

Inveiglement thus and thus Empyrean Hellions Adumbrate Vaticinal

Without help undergird crestfallen monarch aura nous sagacity. Denoting equivalence extirpation sempiternal cowed circa the aforementioned sprightly in sevenths heaven, autonomously one by one anathematized augury world spirit anima mundi prescribe prendre la balle au bond, opprobrium each of two ‘au courant’ forswear tergiversation apostasy, forlorn in solitary ‘commit sacrilege against’ under the aegis of, at the hand of prognostication velleity inherent in beleaguerment progeny legions, lovelorn atrabilious downcast well – nigh ‘the aforementioned one’ forerun ‘declare arrival’  

Written by Margaret Martin copyright protected  

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