Osibyl of Sibylline

Asudden animus perpetual amaranthine esoteric delphic pendulosity.

Perturbations astral aristocracy upper echelon.

Ascribe adduce entre nous? Oscillation vacillation lineal patrimonial consanguine. 

Beatitude reify pragmatize semblance, histrionic thespian coquette ubiety aura emanation intrinsicality. 

Accroach entre nous parable inborn, satirize onomatopoeic countenance enjoin cantillate ‘vis-à-vis apropos gladdening regalement. 

By and by overplayed continuance immortalization. 

Arrondi biflected entre nous cadency paean psalm perspicacious amoretto vincinal. 

victuals victuals 

Aggrandisement prolepsis lambency prolepsis. 

Harmonise Rara Avis. 

Canter emanate Arcadia Azure, repudiate forswear empyrean vanguard prescient. Ascetic piquancy aborigine, cordon bleu Alpha becloud emanate. 

Emanate perpetually, Emanate perpetually, Emanate perpetually. 

Written by Margaret Martin  copyright protected


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