Trounced In Soaked Tears

Written In Honor of My Father

Just Beyond The Heavens  

Holds within a heroic gentle man

He’s abed there

Evermore now.

Resting close in raveness sand

– Precious Daddy

powerless to cradle my hand.

I will come preside amidst you

– Loving Daddy

enlighten you our stories

Befitting you no longer can.

As the seasons labor by

under the the canopy of trees,

 shaded by the sky.

When you grow lone

– Treasured Daddy

no soul around

Just hear tell”

Listen and hear

Your wisdom;

And how it still smiles on this beloved ground.

As soft and gentle as the wind hushes the trees

Your life you gave to it
and us all of your years.  

Listen and hear what you

– The Great Teacher

taught us -As we carry your torch of wisdom now.

Liberation befell you

– Sweetest Daddy

Dovetail -Master flight beyond the clouds.

Earth’s bedraggle crested off,

Unenchanting you, mitting you sunken,

 That day…

As we did

– Kind Daddy

Blaring in arduous tears to God

Aching for you to stay.

But your purpose was completed -bursting with love

And with freedom you passed away.

Peace amass and shelter you

– Dearest Father

Take wing as to the Eagles betimes.

Canter alongside the wolf, bear, and deer.

Eagle-eye us as the owl

Fully of an age.

The vitality of your temporal is gone

But your awakened inspiration lives on.

All fini love and honor to you,

– “Our Daddy”

Margaman -and the rest of your clan

Until we all can meet again ;

Written by Margaret Martin 

Copyright Protected

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