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FUSTIANMesne Intemperateness Master

Sounds of Words

Solemn Solo Passage “Clavis Key”

Raspberry Enigma – Shhhhhh!

Hush Just Quietly Listen

‘Yours truly” bechance high-spirited timelessness.

‘What is more’? Proprium emanation virtuoso maven.

 Phoenixlike aboriginal sacred song canticle.

Proprium unbosom speechcraft mellifluousness hymns,

consecrate sibylline intonation rapturous.

Proprium Artium Magister commensurate mastaba panegyric aficionado ode.

Proprium nancency bucolic canticle literatim sapient Rara Avis complete pirouetting cantillate.

Proprium vertiginous higgledy – piggledy omen aria mating – call savour ‘O magniloquence’ condenza pièce de ré•sis•tance

Anomaly frou-frou rite de passage falsetto et al. Gape pier glass zenith vestal virgins copulation

Wax lyrical ripen climatic rise in crescendo , mimicry clef vivication quavers

Pharisaical Parasol Aberration eternal return sibylline fore and aft

“Savoir – vivre

Pseudonymous caricature clef meniscus

 cresentoid magnanimity cross the threshold

machinate contempo harmonising élan vital

Tout de suit encore philtre anschauungen lang syne vestal presaging

Artium Magister efflorescence intra, crepuscular light nascent

First blush molest passé

Besotted bagatelle rara avis madrigal blushing diremption putto vellum

Satirize libretto wile dulcet exposé consecrate alms giving Catalan trousseau

Opalescence prism sanguine pulsating monophonic ogle halcyon neophyte femmes fatales fret

Engorge blossoming –flowing with milk and honey scrim alleluia, intensate mater summit-water fall crooning

Ahem chirapsia traveling light prefigure lily – white façade
Antrorse sating orator élan Alan vs assaying elocutionist ménage  

Enigmatic parody tergiversated heaven of heavens ensorcell élan viscera white heat

Traveling light master keys tintinnabulate clepsydra

Honeyed, blue blood orator picturesque sequestrate till blue in phizog prolegomenon

Very own primeval proprium odyl tête-à-tête swain or matron of Septuagint

Very own chaste bloodlessness falling-star keynoter, tightlipped bring to fruition at the bedpost

Comeliness natal tongue parapluie sinfonietta Intensate

Auld Lang Syne blood and thunder dulcet cinched thrombus

Seep plenum panoptic croon

Elocutionist whelm peripatetic cloverleaf espial Elysium arabesque high-spiritedness chattels

Lacery stalwart salient sweeten the endowment lagniappe ‘raspberry winter’ scion bonne bouche languish for

Illumine palimpsest mellifluousness sonorous Lothario reawaken precieux sonorant

Bequeath labyrinth coloratura one of two engender précis morphological puss

In the vein of dicker ambrosial come to berth savour phonemes earmarked chattels

Respire limn ariose passé-partout sublime rhapsodize ad hoc blossoming garnet vestal girls interlacing

Festoon cross the threshold plaudits cadenced, revolutionary pastiche hush – hush rhapsodic

Belie Artium Magister surrealistic descant Proprium mush exegesis tumultous/ tumultuous
Written by Margaret Martin

Copyright Protected 

The Music Is Weeping 

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Capture little moments and make them glorious.

Obeisant Dove dernier cri Shangri – la, enshrined flutter – nestled praenomen. Betoken demesne harmonise, early riser aplomb empyrean beyond recall, flock glebe ergo odylic force dernier cri Shangri – la. Impart o anchoret. Quondam ‘diurnal course’ juxtaposed quotidian victuals, vanward decry ‘a cappella harmonious arrearages, agilely singly crestfallen enliven ‘Welcome Home’ escutcheon foul-mouth. ‘tween laisser – passer piping forlorn palinode usance cajolery. Amoretto unfetter unparagoned betwixt larking about..’
Written by  Margaret Martin

Copyright Protected

Passion and Paradox

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Not beyond circumgyration divination sageness
Quaver whilom clock-and-dagger ‘time immemorial’
Ostend phantasmagoria anchorite raze occluded oratorio

Sage Causal Nexus avant-garde fervid
Épée Sage bailiwick paragons inferno avow woebegone cruor
Apostrophize back o’ beyond Zion peremptory yon praetorian carnal poniards
Heralding physiognomy abide writhing ‘in juxtaposition donnish aggrieved
notwithstanding inveiglement comforting succouring entre nous

Redeemer worshipful notwithstanding
Vouchsafed saccharinity ‘young and old’
Redeemer borne divine torture paroxysm
Remunerative ante ‘fall heir’
Belletrist regnant in chorus romanticise a.honeycomb favoured
yours truly’

Pose manus belles-lettres honeys deliquesce ‘in juxtaposition wellborn
Connexion stentorian coronet czarlike apiece prodigious meed
Ethereal Auroral ‘laisser passer cumbrous analogous sage chide
Notwithstanding provenience inspiriting alee
Yours truly’

Interclasped boon ‘cockles of the heart
Yours truly’ be versed each of two a soubrette uncaged so-and-so.
The aforementioned one hold sway
foreshadowing avian amalgamated trifle away.
Parlance apostacize
Just apropos loggia
For the cockalorum scion.
Written by Margaret Martin.             

Copyright Protected


The Gravity of the Sun

Passion and Paradoxx
Redeemer unworldly
The Writer’s Pawn celestial.
Like a Babe in the woods
Heaven on Earth.
Distant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   but within sight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I almost cant stand the pleasure of pain.

‘Chapter and Verse whilst not understand.
Paean someday whilst understand.
Written by Margaret Martin.      

Copyright Protected