Passion and Paradox

Not beyond circumgyration divination sageness
Quaver whilom clock-and-dagger ‘time immemorial’
Ostend phantasmagoria anchorite raze occluded oratorio

Sage Causal Nexus avant-garde fervid
Épée Sage bailiwick paragons inferno avow woebegone cruor
Apostrophize back o’ beyond Zion peremptory yon praetorian carnal poniards
Heralding physiognomy abide writhing ‘in juxtaposition donnish aggrieved
notwithstanding inveiglement comforting succouring entre nous

Redeemer worshipful notwithstanding
Vouchsafed saccharinity ‘young and old’
Redeemer borne divine torture paroxysm
Remunerative ante ‘fall heir’
Belletrist regnant in chorus romanticise a.honeycomb favoured
yours truly’

Pose manus belles-lettres honeys deliquesce ‘in juxtaposition wellborn
Connexion stentorian coronet czarlike apiece prodigious meed
Ethereal Auroral ‘laisser passer cumbrous analogous sage chide
Notwithstanding provenience inspiriting alee
Yours truly’

Interclasped boon ‘cockles of the heart
Yours truly’ be versed each of two a soubrette uncaged so-and-so.
The aforementioned one hold sway
foreshadowing avian amalgamated trifle away.
Parlance apostacize
Just apropos loggia
For the cockalorum scion.
Written by Margaret Martin.             

Copyright Protected


The Gravity of the Sun

Passion and Paradoxx
Redeemer unworldly
The Writer’s Pawn celestial.
Like a Babe in the woods
Heaven on Earth.
Distant.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   but within sight.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I almost cant stand the pleasure of pain.

‘Chapter and Verse whilst not understand.
Paean someday whilst understand.
Written by Margaret Martin.      

Copyright Protected   

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