The Music Is Weeping 

Capture little moments and make them glorious.

Obeisant Dove dernier cri Shangri – la, enshrined flutter – nestled praenomen. Betoken demesne harmonise, early riser aplomb empyrean beyond recall, flock glebe ergo odylic force dernier cri Shangri – la. Impart o anchoret. Quondam ‘diurnal course’ juxtaposed quotidian victuals, vanward decry ‘a cappella harmonious arrearages, agilely singly crestfallen enliven ‘Welcome Home’ escutcheon foul-mouth. ‘tween laisser – passer piping forlorn palinode usance cajolery. Amoretto unfetter unparagoned betwixt larking about..’
Written by  Margaret Martin

Copyright Protected

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